Although there are a number of outdoor climbing locations in Oman and also within UAE, including the Hajar mountains, Ras Al Khaimah and Dibba, Fujairah, it is futile to try outdoor climbing in the Middle East during summer as the temperatures can sometimes exceed 50 degrees celsius.

A lot of these locations have primarily roped climbing routes. Since I haven't yet learned any form of roped climbing (and I don't particularly want to delve into free soloing), I wouldn't be able to go anyway.

Indoor climbing

It turns out that there are actually quite a few indoor climbing locations in Dubai though:

Name Type Disciplines Comments
Adventure HQ: Adventure Zone Mall attraction/adventure facility (casual) Top-rope Column structure, currently under construction/renovation.
Mountain Extreme Climbing gym Bouldering, top-rope, lead Largest in terms of variety, and probably in number of routes
Wafi Mall: Pharaohs' Club Mall attraction (casual) Top-rope -
Mall of the Emirates: GO Sport Mall attraction (casual) Top-rope Column structure with more routes on the inside of the column
Rock Republic Bouldering gym Bouldering Largest number of bouldering routes
Mirdif City Centre - Magic Planet: Sky Trail Mall attraction/adventure facility (casual) Top-rope -

The only non-casual locations are Mountain Extreme and Rock Republic.

Since Mountain Extreme is multi-discipline, its pricing is significantly higher than that of Rock Republic (which is a bouldering-only gym).

Rock Republic

If you're only interested in bouldering, then I'd strongly recommend Rock Republic. The only downside is its location, as you can tell from the previous map; Dubai Investment Park is basically in the middle of nowhere.

The distance inconvenience is certainly offset by the quality of the gym though. The gym offers:

I've been going to Rock Republic for a few weeks now, and it has completely killed my summer boredom. I highly recommend it to all!


For more pictures, visit this link to the website of Global Climbing (Rock Republic's parent company).